At PASOS, we are the embodiment of a spirit that refuses to follow established rules. We were born in 2020 in the iconic city of Barcelona, a place where creativity and diversity are the soul of our brand.

We are dedicated to high-quality footwear for women with a strong personality and a character that challenges the status quo. We seek contemporary designs that capture the essence of the modern, independent, and self-assured woman.

We believe in fashion that transcends time, which is why our collections are timeless, designed to accompany you through all seasons of life. This means that at PASOS, you'll find a selection of footwear that suits every occasion and becomes part of your story.

Our commitment to quality and innovation is combined with a sustainable approach, using exclusively high-quality vegan leather in our designs. This not only reflects our respect for the planet we share but also our dedication to providing ethical and animal-friendly products.

Our base in Barcelona inspires us, but our vision is international. We want to be part of the global fashion revolution, empowering women worldwide to express their uniqueness through their choice of footwear.

Take the next step and discover a world of style, originality, and fashion that breaks with convention. Here, women with character and personality are the ones who define the rules.